I was asked to come up with a concept for an app that would promote woodland walking in the UK. The main aim was that it was easy for users to be able to pre plan visits and get enough information to find the right level of walk for them.

Woodland Walks Mockups

☝️ User personna developed to aid design thinking.

My first step was to develop a user personna based on the clients intended audience. This helped to guide design decisions and highlighted what was most important to the user. From there, I developed a series of wireframes to plan the users journey whilst using the app.

Woodland Walks Wireframes

☝️ Initial Lo-fi wireframes.

After user testing, the wireframes were then converted into high fidelity mockups. The client already had a limited number of design styles which I built out within Figma into a design system, to allow for consistency in future projects.

Woodland Walks Mockups

☝️ Overview of the final mockups.

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