I was hired to redesign and improve the user experience of a client facing application. User research suggested that the current design was diffict to navigate, and presented too many options at each stage of the user journey.

Public Sector Gateway

☝️ Side by side comparison of old vs new dashboard page.

One of the challenges of the project was ensuring that different user groups could navigate the large amounts of data to find what was important to their business needs. This was solved by allowing users to specify company wide parameters for searches, then refine those through filters to further fine tune the results until they found the information they required.

Public Sector Gateway

☝️ Updated report page with ability to filter search results.

Another frustration brought up in user research suggested that the old design made it difficult to quickly get a snapshot of the information they required, and instead they had to rely on familiarity to find what they wanted. To solve this, I added an additional summary page to the reports which visualised the data consistently across various report types.

Public Sector Gateway

☝️ Updated report screen with visual references so users can easily identify information.

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