Eclipse Yacht Charters hired me to conceptualise and prototype a mobile app that would simplify and personalise the process of booking a luxury charter yacht online.

Eclipse Yacht Charter User Personna

☝️ User personna developed based on clients intended audience.

The goal was to make the search process as streamlined as possible and provide personalised support to the high value clients that demand an exceptional level of customer service before booking. By sketching, wireframing and testing various user journeys it was decided that a three stage search process was required. Due to the nature of the industry (with yachts moving between destinations throughout the season), the journey ensures clients only see yachts that are located in their desired destination when they will be there.

Eclipse Yacht Charter Wireframes

☝️ Initial quick sketch wireframes.

Eclipse Yacht Charter Wireframes

☝️ Wireframes mocked up in Figma ready for prototyping.

Eclipse Yacht Charter Search Interaction

☝️ Search process overview.

One of the key additions to the product was the 'Chat to Broker' feature, which allows users to contact the broker with any specific requests. The broker than then provide the personalised service required from the client. By passing seach details to the broker during the chat, they already know where and when the client would like to go so can tailor the response accordingly.

☝️ Prototype showing the search process and chat to broker feature.

After developing and testing the prototypes, a design handoff guide was developed within Figma including all styles, components and assets in order to make production as consistent and streamlined as possible.

3 Frame Mockup

☝️ Overview of the final mockups.

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