Rick Kirton

Creative Designer & Front-End Developer

Currently based in 🇪🇸 Alicante, Spain




UI/UX Design & Front-End Development

Overcoming technology constraints to develop a consistent approach to design.



Branding, UI/UX Design & Front-End Development

Personal project built to capture, organize, and analyze product feedback in one place to inform product decisions, allowing product teams to gain user insights that lead to happier customers and product success.



Branding, UI/UX Design & Front-End Development

An offline-first PWA to allow marine surveyors to create, complete and export PDF survey reports. Supports image uploading, annotation, grading of recommendations and fully customisable branding.



Branding, Website Design & Development

Branding and web design for a startup in the AI space. Copybear is a Chrome extension that allows users to quickly access AI generated content ranging from blog articles to email replies. 

– Philosophy –

Life is too short for bad design and poor user experience.

I design and build websites, apps and digital experiences that people love to use.

From initial planning and design, to completed products ready for launch, I can help you to create digital products that leave a positive impact on the people that use them.

To me, good design is a process of blending attractive visuals with data-driven insights. I have a strong interest in human behaviour and psychology and how that impacts the way we interact with interfaces and the impression that those experiences leave us with.

Tool wise, I mostly work with Figma, Sketch or Adobe CC, but over the years I’ve used most UX related products. I also have development experience with JavaScript, React, React Native and Tailwind CSS.

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