The goal with this project was to develop a web app that would connect users within a remote team and provide a single mode of communication across the businesses different product teams and departments. After speaking to a number of remote workers who have joined new teams, one of the biggest frustrations was figuring out who else worked within the company and who was responsible for what, aswell as managing different communication methods for different users.

☝️ Onboarding process for new users.

When a new user is added, they are presented with a short onboarding animation to give them an overview of where to find information and how to use the app. The dashboard allows them to see the main information such as tasks that have been assigned to them, their schedule, a list of other users currently online and what teams they are in.

3 Frame Mockup

☝️ User dashboard.

One of the challenges was figuring out how to ensure existing staff migrate to this system, rather than continuing to use products they were used to (traditional email, slack etc). Because of this, a dual messaging system was added with two familiar interfaces. One is a live chat, for quick messages, the other is more like an email for longer communications.

Oouni Recruitment Search User Journey

☝️ Team members are able to communicate via live chat for quick communication, or a more traditional email style for longer messages.

☝️ The people section allows new team members to view the organisation and connect with other team members.

Oouni Recruitment Styles Handoff Guide

☝️ Styles handoff guide created to accompany prototypes and design files to keep styling consistent.

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